Letter to Gov. Inslee

[This is the letter I sent to Gov. Inslee via e-mail and physical mail regarding this memorandum from yesterday.]

Dear Governor Inslee:

First, I would like to thank you for doing everything within your sphere of authority to keep the residents of Washington State safe and healthy, as well as assuring first responders and other workers that they will have the tools necessary to do their jobs. I believe you have the best interests of all Washingtonians in mind as you go about your work. I appreciate that in your Proclamation 20-25.3, issued on May 4, you say that spiritual “services are a vital part of the spiritual and mental health of our community.” I am sure that this is not an easy time for you, either as governor or personally, as you make difficult decisions about how best to uphold the welfare of the people whom you have been elected to serve.

Please know that we here at Faith Lutheran Church in East Wenatchee keep you and our other state and national elected and appointed leaders in our prayers continually, as we believe that our human governing authorities are put in place by God for the good of the citizens of our cities, states, and country.

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